So what is a L.I.F.E. Group?

Life groups will give the people of FBC a chance to connect with others in a small group setting. These small groups will become the lifeblood of our church. It will be a win for the individual and a win for the church to get our people connected with a L.I.F.E. group here at FBC!

What will L.I.F.E. Group do for you?

It will provideā€¦.

LLEARNING – You will learn practical truths from God’s Word through doctrinally sound curriculum in an informal and loving atmosphere. You will also learn from excellent Bible Teachers who will teach you how to apply those practical truths in your life. You will also be provided with a helpful and user-friendly student book to prepare your heart for the lesson each week.

I – INVOLVEMENT – In our L.I.F.E. Groups, we encourage you to ask questions, when you need to, and participate in the discussion, if you like. We value your input. But, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to speak. You can rest assured that our teachers will respect that and you will never have to read anything, find anything, or quote anything, if you don’t want to. L.I.F.E. Groups are also an outlet for you to exercise your gifts and abilities as a Substitute Teacher, Activities Director, Care Giver, Prayer Leader, Greeter, Secretary, etc.
F – FRIENDSHIP – You will meet a lot of friendly people who will make you feel right at home. You will also build godly relationships with other Christians. We all need that. This is crucial to our spiritual growth. L.I.F.E. Groups give you the opportunity to develop friendships with people that can last a lifetime. You will be surprised at how quickly your L.I.F.E. Group becomes like family.
E – ENCOURAGEMENT – is what Christians do for each other. When times are good, the joy is doubled. When times are bad, the burden is shared with a church family that cares.



The New Life L.I.F.E. Group

The New Life L.I.F.E. Group of FBC is a Bible study group designed for median adults.  During the prime of our lives there is no greater opportunity to serve the Lord and to mentor others. The New Life L.I.F.E. Group provides the opportunity to interact with seasoned servants of God as they systematically study the Bible.  

The Friendship L.I.F.E Group

In those years when your experience is a resource others can draw upon we have a class that is just right for you. The Friendship Class is designed to strengthen those seasoned relationships. Designed for senior adults this L.I.F.E. Group is a vibrant, growing group at Faith.  Come develop lasting friendships in this exciting Bible study group.