Arsonist Destroys Mission House & Two Church Vans

 In June 2010 an arsonist burned our mission house and two church vans.  We have finally been able to secure our building permit and soon will begin building a new family life center to replace this building. The mission house had asbestos inside so there was a great deal of time and cost in having it demolished.  You can help this project to move forward by helping us pray and by making a tax deductible contribution to our Nehemiah Project. Please go to our home page and click on the paypal link to our Nehemiah Project and make your tax deductible contribution.  

Click below to see Fox 5 news coverage of the fire.


 If you cannot view the video above click on this link to view: church fire

Family Life Center 

The work on our new Family Life Center continues to make progress, the brickwork on the outside was recently finished. Work has begun to finish the  classrooms and the gym on the inside. We are very excited to begin putting this new building to use in ministering to the people of Jackson County. Please help us to pray for the continuing financial needs of this project and for the safety of our workers!IMG_0040IMG_0037IMG_0034